For whom?

For corporate clients

Choosing gifts for customers, partners and colleagues is your responsibility?..
You are sick of pens, notebooks and mugs?..
You no longer know how to impress everybody?..
CUPSTER will help you to solve this problem!
It is not only a useful accessory for a modern active person but also a unique advertising medium for your company.

For coffee shop owners

Do you want to stand out among hundreds of other coffee shops?
Take care of your customers!
Offer them Cupsters so that they can keep their beverage hot long enough. Your customers will be grateful to you for this idea.
There are millions of coffee cups from different coffee shops in the world, why don't we suit them up with your corporate identity?

For gift shops

You own a gift or souvenir shop?
You would like to expand the range of your products with something new?
Offer Cupsters to your customers, it's an original gift for coffee lovers.
We have worked on about 50 different designs of Cupsters. Your customers will surely find the one they would love among them.

Our advantages:


Cupster is a unique product.
The intellectual property rights are protected by the patent and belong to us.

Individual approach

We don't just aooly your logo on a ready product.
We produce Cupsters entirely with your design. The whole Cupster's surface as well as the package are your advertising space.

Execution time

We design, print and sew Cupsters all by ourselves in Belarus.
It means that you get your order in the shortest possible terms.


We have our own manufacture.
It means that you get the best price.

unique advertising medium
useful accessory:

your coffee burns your hands?

your drink gets cold way too fast?


the thermo mug
takes too much place?

Now you have CUPSTER!

It turns your cup into a thermo mug!

How does it work? Very simple! 


Heat protectant

Protects your hands from burning.
Or from cold if the drink is with ice.


The inside insulated layer keeps the temperature of your drink for more than one hour.
Efficiency tested!


Waterproof fabric on the outside is easy to clean and it dries quickly.

Light and compact

It weighs only 15 grams.
Easy to fold Cupster takes no more place than your smartphone.


Due to its velcro fastener Cupster fits most of the paper, plastic, ceramic, glass and bamboo cups from 250 to 500 ml.


Cupster is available with various original patterns that can fit your individual style and therefore be a trendy accessory.

Examples of patterns:



Image Description

Olga Melnikova 

Project manager

Image Description

Dina Melnikova


Image Description

Yulia Antanenko

Original author


How did we invent Cupster?

Frequently Asked Questions:

From 1 piece.

Yes, you can! Cupster fits any cup type: paper, plastic, ceramic, glass and bamboo.

First of all, Cupster is not intended only for disposable cups but also for ceramic, glass or bamboo cups.
Secondly, Cupster itself is rather ecological because it is reusable.
Thirdly, the humanity will hardly eliminate the use of disposable cups because of the health safety. It will rather find the better ways to recycle disposable cups. And there already are some good results in this direction!


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